Inspire Individuals to Realize Their Full Potential and Love Themselves Fiercely

IMG_1490Hi there! This is Rebecca, founder of Live It Daily.  And that headline up above is my personal mission.  Whether I’m talking with clients or friends my heart breaks a little every time I hear anyone put themselves down because of how they look or how they’ve been unable to accomplish their dreams.  If only we could lose 5, 10, 20 lbs… if only we could be more disciplined…. we’d be able to land that promotion, find a mate, climb a mountain, etc.  But right now, each day, we’re struggling to balance all of life’s curve balls and not making any progress toward climbing that mountain.  Not to mention feeling kind of yucky about it all.

Live It Daily allows me to bring my mission to life by providing consultative coaching sessions to help you set and achieve appropriate wellness goals and personal fulfillment aspirations.  Whether your ambitions focus on nutrition, fitness, finding your personal passion or some combination of the 3, we will identify realistic goals and assemble practical strategies to reach them.  I’ll help you create new habits, drop old habits and employ sound nutrition and fitness practices.  With health and focus on your side, you’ll be climbing mountains (and maybe even slaying dragons) in no time!

Let’s work together to design a personalized fitness, nutritional and fulfillment plan to fuel your body and lift your spirit in a sensible and sustainable way.

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The experience and certifications that qualify me to help you create safe and healthy fitness and nutrition plans include:

  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Professional (ACE Oct 2018)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE Aug 2016)
  • Certified Master Trainer MX4 (Matrix Apr 2016)
  • Les Mills Body Pump AIM 1 (Les Mills Sept 2013)
  • Les Mills Body Flow AIM 1 (Les Mills Oct 2014)
  • CPR/AED (American Safety & Health Institute Jan 2018)
  • Masters Certificate in Project Management (University Wisconsin – Jun 2006)

Start Now: Learn How to Live It Daily