pam w dog“Having Rebecca as an instructor made working out something I enjoyed and looked forward to. She was always there with a smile and positive energy. Rebecca gave us great instruction so we knew what to do and could push ourselves to be stronger. I miss her dearly and anyone that is fortunate enough to have her train them will see the passion that she has about fitness/health and how she loves to instill and share that in others. 💗”   – Pam W.  Madison, WI


“My goals were to increase my fitness level so that I would be able to do things and go places as I age.  Too often I see people older than me that are not in shape and physically struggle with everyday tasks… I didn’t want to be one of those people. Rebecca taught me that small incremental steps will get you there, they are more manageable and more sustainable than larger steps such as fad diets.  Rebecca took in every aspect of my life to come up with a custom plan suitable for me, it wasn’t some off the shelf plan but custom designed with and for my needs in mind to help achieve the goals that I had.

Because of my experience with Rebecca I am more in tune with what I feed my body and the effects that it has on me, the nutrition is where I would struggle, from working with Rebecca I have gained immense knowledge on the nutrition and the importance of prepping your meals so there is something healthy to eat. Rebecca lives and breathes it daily, not only can she talk the talk she can walk the walk!”  – Steve B. Sun Praire, WI